Sheep Farming in Europe: A Positive Contribution to Biodiversity!

‘Biodiversity’ describes the enormous variety of life on Earth – from plants to animals, humans to viruses, and fungi to bacteria. The term can be used to explain life in our specific region or ecosystem. In our case, we’re chatting all things sheep and how they ensure our planet is naturally sustainable through healthy and diverse species!

Believe it or not, sheep farming is integral to biodiversity for several reasons. Without it, many animals, plants and even humans would be affected.

How sheep farming benefits biodiversity?

Sheep farms help to maintain a balance between animals and plants. The varied grassland landscapes include hedges, groves, coppices, ditches, and low walls which provide happy homes for wildlife to breed, feed and rest.   

Grasslands also help to reduce farming energy usage, water quality control, and help combat global warming by storing carbon in soils.

Other areas of sustainability