Lamb Recipes for Summer Picnics Lamb Recipes for Summer Picnics

Lamb Recipes for Summer Picnics

Spicy Lamb Chops with Avocado and Olive Salsa

Impress family or friends with these spicy lamb chops with avocado and olive salsa perfect for picnics or even a mid-week dinner. [click here for the recipe]

Moroccan-style lamb salad

Experience a taste of the exotic with this Moroccan lamb salad, packed full of fresh citrus flavours. Perfect to impress at a picnic or BBQ it can be eaten hot or cold. [click here for the recipe]

Lamb wraps with guacamole

Have a crack at lamb with extra guac’. Perfect for BBQs, picnics and a quick midweek hero our lamb wraps with guacamole are a flash in the pan, cooked in just 10 minutes and can be easily packed away for those weekend picnics! [click here for the recipe]

Lamb skewers Baba Ganoush and yoghurt and mint sauce

Prepare these tasty skewers and be a winner in everyone’s eyes. You can pack these away pre -made or get the kids to build their own on your family day out. [click here for the recipe]

Grilled lamb chops with chimichurri salsa

Salsaaaaaa! Spice up your picnic basket with these grilled lamb chops. Knife & fork or eat from the bone for ultimate convenience. [click here for the recipe]

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