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The Best Lean Lamb Cuts The Best Lean Lamb Cuts

The Best Lean Lamb Cuts

Lamb is a tasty addition to any menu and a good cut with fat trimmed off has almost as much protein as chicken (usually around 20-25g per 100g of cut). Why not try introducing these great lean cuts into your weekly shop for something a little different.



Lamb rump comes from...well the rump where the leg meets the loin. This cut is lean (once the external fat has been cut off), tender and full of flavour and great for roasting. Chef Adrian recommends his serve with creamed cabbage and vegetable crisps recipe [click here for the recipe]



Lamb leg steaks are a fantastic lean cut and perfect for quick midweek meals. Steak with the bone is taken from the centre of the leg, whilst boneless steaks are from the larger leg muscles.

How about Grilled lamb steaks with pistachio and rocket pesto for a healthy midweek meal? [click here for the recipe]



This large cut from the top front leg of the lamb has lots of lean juicy meat. Again, there is the choice for bone in or out, bone out is perfect for one pot roasting with no wastage whilst bone-in tends to have more marbling keeping the meat juicy (though less lean). 



Like the shoulders, legs of lamb are always in use so tend to be strong in flavour whilst lean in fat. It can also be purchased on or off the bone. On the bone it’s very juicy however off the bone the meat is leaner and can be split to stuff with spice.

Why not try it for yourself with our recipe for Leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary coated with honey and mustard [click here for the recipe].


Diced Lamb and Strips

Hailing from various parts of the lamb (usually shoulder or leg) diced and strip lamb is perfect for stir fries, curries and casseroles and fat can be easily removed if not already lean.

Why not try using some to make our Lamb curry with spinach recipe? [click here for the recipe]

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