Reduce your carbon footprint, try lamb! Reduce your carbon footprint, try lamb!

Reduce your carbon footprint, try lamb!

As it’s Plastic Free July we thought it appropriate to write a few words around Sustainability and Lamb. Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. By aiming to reduce/refuse the use of single-use plastics we can have cleaner streets and oceans whilst continuing on the global quest to reduce waste. Try visiting your local independent butchers for your Lamb cuts or an instore butchery department to reduce buying lots of different cuts in various single use plastic containers. Together we can help the worldwide mission to reduce plastic wastage. For more ideas on how to avoid using single-use plastic visit

But why stop there? Did you know that sustainability is at the heart of Irish Sheep Farming. Our climate and varied terrain lend itself well for grazing, particularly on land that would be otherwise be unsuitable for crop cultivation ensuring areas of poor land quality are put to good use. Lambs do their bit for the environment by grazing on rugged areas of the countryside, reducing atmospheric carbon whilst preserving precious resources like water quality.

Choosing to eat lamb is the green choice as it encourages biodiversity in our countryside and helps to establish sustainable food production. You can further help to reduce food wastage by using leftover lamb from say a Sunday roast to create delicious dishes. Leftover Lamb is ideal for use in curries and stews and is full of flavour. For ideas on how to use leftover lamb visit our recipes page