Mid week meals in 30 mins Mid week meals in 30 mins

Mid week meals in 30 mins


Curry in a hurry or fab kebabs, lamb doesn’t have to take hours to cook. Try these 5 quick and tasty lamb recipes which are a mid-week hero in any kitchen.

Lamb Meatballs & Udon Noodles

This tasty ramen-like meal is the ideal midweek hero. Quick, tasty and healthy it’s the perfect dish to break away from the humdrum of the ‘usual’ weekday meals.

Lamb Sloppy Joes

The perfect quick recipe for adults and kids alike, lamb sloppy joes are super tasty and made within 20 minutes! We recommend using cutlery to eat these as like their name suggests, things can get a bit messy! 

Stir Fry Lamb with Sesame Seeds and Vegetables

This Asian lamb stir fry with sesame seeds and vegetables is a nice and easy midweek meal that’s packed with flavour. Cook it in 10 minutes and enjoy with sticky rice. 

Lamb Penne Gratin with Courgettes and Two Cheeses

Wake up your pasta bake with lamb, courgettes and two cheeses. A great meal for the whole family, it’s prepared and cooked in little over half an hour. Serve on its own or accompanied by a side salad.

Lamb Chops with Sautéed Potatoes

For a tasty mid-week dinner with all the weekend vibes try this delicious dish. Perfect with a side salad or seasonal veg.