Love Lamb, Love Leftovers Love Lamb, Love Leftovers

Love Lamb, Love Leftovers

Love Lamb, Love leftovers

Being creative at dinner time can be a struggle, but now more than ever it’s important that we are not wasteful and get more inventive with the dishes we prepare for the whole family. Lamb really is such a versatile meat that can be used to create so many flavoursome dishes, from Asian to Italian and everything in between. So are you up for the challenge of cooking some inspiring dishes with lamb leftovers that are insta-worthy and cost effective? Join us for  the TryLamb challenge and let’s bring leftovers back!

  1. Create leftovers on purpose

Be wise, economise. Make leftovers on purpose. Planning for leftovers means you aren’t stuck with them and they won’t end up in a Tupperware forgotten about for a few days, or worse, in the bin! Choosing to cook a larger amount of Lamb means you can create exciting leftover dishes like Wild Mushroom and Lamb Pies, Lamb Curry or even Lamb Pittas, for a quick and healthy lunch. The choices really are endless.

  1. Introduce leftover cooking into your cooking habits.

Now more than ever is the time to embrace your culinary skills and push the boundaries  to create dishes that are both nutritious and of course tasty. Every meal doesn’t need to be Michelin star, most meals in fact are made with the simplest of ingredients. Aim to find inspiration from 3 – 7 ingredients and create dishes that anyone could cook. Got some bread that’s a little stale and a couple of tomatoes rolling around in the fridge? Rub the bread with some good olive oil, the cut side of a halved tomato, season with some salt and pepper, add a sprinkle of chilli flakes, wrap it in foil and bake until warm. See how simple that was?

This Morrocan Lamb Salad is so simple to make and tastes even better than it looks. So rustle it up and virtually take yourself off to the sunset island, for half an hour anyway.

  1. Embrace the larder

Do you have herbs and spices that have been hibernating in your cupboard since your last attempt at culinary genius at Christmas? Change perspective and embrace the flavour these amazing little jars can bring to your dishes. Lamb is such a versatile meat that works well with a fast range of herbs and spices depending on your palette. Fancy something that’s packed full of flavour and ideal for sharing, have a go at this Greek Lamb sharing platter. Ras el nout brings this dish to life along with a final drizzle of balsamic and a crumble of Feta cheese, ingredients found in most households.

More of a traditionalist – try these curried lamb meatballs for a dish that’s super simple to make and ideal as a leftover dish for tomorrows lunch. Simple ingredients like tomato puree, cumin, sea salt and soy sauce make this a proper hearty dish best enjoyed with rice or crusty bread. 

Got some leftover lamb? Grab some eggs, greens and a couple of other simple, affordable ingredients and throw a lamb spinach and feta quiche together in 45 minutes. Don’t have spinach or feta? No problem! Make the quiche your own. It could be red pepper and red onion. Customise it to your taste and available ingredients. The best part? It’s perfect for freezing and heating upwhilst working from home.

  1. Meal prep like a boss

We don’t always have time to cook meals, so batch cooking and storing your leftovers correctly can be a real relief for days that are hectic and cooking is the last thing on your mind. Make sure to invest in some clear, airtight containers and labels for ease of use. Always make sure to defrost dishes thoroughly and heat properly so they taste just as good as when you first prepared them.

  1. Don’t scrap the scraps

This is probably our personal favourite tip. Almost everything is salvageable. Don’t believe us?Have a go at our new Lamb Buddha bowl recipe where all the good stuff from the meat juices, veg and stock is blitzed to create a delicious marinade for the incredible shredded lamb shoulder joint. Rethinking how you cook and prep dishes is the key to being Queen / King of the Lamb leftovers.   

And there you have it, folks. Leftovers turned into lunch, snacks and dinners for days on end. A win-win for the planet, your pallet and your wallet. 

Renew your love of cooking and stay home. Lamb, try it love it.