Lamb and pasta a winner for dinner Lamb and pasta a winner for dinner

Lamb and pasta a winner for dinner

Pasta and lamb aren’t usually partnered together, but there are a range of possibilities beyond these tasty favourites. Here are a few ideas to mix up your pasta dinner with lamb.

Stuffed Pasta shells – this is a cheesy, comforting, and hearty dish using lamb mince, large pasta shells and two types of cheese. This dish is excellent with parmesan and mozzarella, but it can also work with cheddar. Check out the recipe here.

Lamb Ragu – Usually associated with beef a ragu is a rich tomato-based sauce that works with lamb steaks or diced lamb shoulder. It requires a slow cooking time in a heavy pot or slow cooker, but it is worth the wait! Serve it up with large pasta shells such as conchiglioni or a flat pasta like tagliatelle and crusty bread. This recipe also tastes amazing as leftovers or batch cooked for freezing. Get the recipe here.

Mix it up – mix beef and lamb mince to create meatballs or in a Bolognese to get a mix of meaty flavours, ideal for batch cooking or for introducing lamb to young children.  

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