Five Fakeaways to Treat Yourself Five Fakeaways to Treat Yourself

Five Fakeaways to Treat Yourself

Homemade ‘fakeaways’ are a great way to treat your household with a quick meal on any budget. From burgers to pizzas there are many ways to recreate your own version of a takeaway meal. These five dishes are simple to make and are suitable for all appetites.



1. Chef Adrian Martin’s Lamb Doner Kebab

This recipe was created by Adrian as a nod to one of his chef friend’s favourite takeaways. He wanted to create something as tasty for them, but with more fresh vegetables and less fat and salt. The key ingredients are lamb mince, cumin, garlic powder and coriander. Whatever vegetables, bread or sauce that you add to the recipe is up to preference. Adrian recommends a garlic and chive mayo as an accompaniment, but this can be swapped with Greek yoghurt as a healthier alternative.



2. Mexican Lamb Wraps

This versatile recipe is a tasty twist on fajitas and is so quick and easy to make. This is a mild recipe ideal for children or people that love Mexican flavours without the spice. However, the same spices and seasonings that work with chicken or beef fajitas are exceptional with lamb too, it’s a dinner time game changer! Turn this recipe into a burrito by adding black beans to the recipe.



3. Turkish Flatbread Pizza

You can’t beat a pizza! Whether it’s made with homemade or pre-made dough creating a pizza from scratch is fun and is a great way to get new home cooks excited about cooking. Key ingredients include lamb steaks, feta, paprika and honey to drizzle on top. This recipe is one of the many pizza topping options that you can make with lamb so have a look at the recipe page for more inspiration.



4. Lamb Do Pyaza

This authentic curry has been created by Shilpa Razniewska and she has lovingly shared this with her followers and now with you. Shilpa uses diced lamb leg with fresh ingredients such as ginger, coriander and garlic. Do Pyaza or ‘dopiaza’ is an aromatic dish which can be made without or without chillies, depending on preference. This recipe can be easily batch cooked and frozen for a less calorie dense option for a Friday night takeaway, serve with rice and or naan bread, enjoy!



5. Lamb burger

Adrian Martin’s lamb burger is something you will want to create again and again because of it’s mix of flavours and unique almond pesto to accompany it. The burger is prepared with lamb mince and breadcrumbs, how you top it is up to you. Lamb burgers are so versatile and can work with classic burger toppings such as cheddar cheese and tomato relish or tzatziki and parmesan.


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