Fiona Uyema’s Five Family Friendly lamb recipes Fiona Uyema’s Five Family Friendly lamb recipes

Fiona Uyema’s Five Family Friendly lamb recipes

This dish is a delicious mix of sweet and sticky that makes it feel like a treat, but it’s packed full of vegetables so it’s a win for my family.

  1. Start off with a basic recipe – A dish that is familiar and easy to make, like stir fry, really opens people’s minds to the fact that lamb is versatile. When people cook a stir fry they might think of chicken and then maybe prawn or beef, but they might not think of lamb.

  2. Plan ahead - I think that meal planning is so important now more than ever. If you have a meal plan and you’re working in your home office you can have a shoulder of lamb roasting for five hours, so you have this wonderful roast working away in the oven while you are doing something else.

  3. Add natural sweetness to new dishes - For my own children, we use a lot of Asian marinades made with natural ingredients or sometimes we use a bit of honey, which really sweetens the lamb.

  4. Make a swap - We would integrate lamb into their diet by replacing it with a meat that you use normally in a meal that kids are familiar with, so you aren’t changing the entire dish and it’s not as much of a different concept for them. For example you can get lamb mince and make lamb meatballs or bolognese. If they like curry, in something like my one pot curry recipe you can substitute beef or chicken with lamb and they wouldn’t know the difference; just that the meal has more flavour.

  5. Make it unique to your family’s tastes - I like making lamb dishes for my family because they are genuinely surprised by what myself and my husband (Gilmar) do with it and we love that it is a way of introducing people to something new. There is a satisfaction to introducing people to a recipe or something a little bit different. Check out my Asian roast lamb dish for inspiration.

Fiona’s five favourite family friendly lamb recipes

  1. Fiona’s One Pot Lamb Curry
    My easy to follow homemade curry recipe is bursting with flavour. Lamb works well with the spices giving you a delicious fragrant curry.

  2. Red Peppers stuffed with Lamb Mince
    It’s a perfect family recipe using whatever vegetables you have in the fridge at home. It is oven cooked so it’s an easy recipe for a busy household and is delicious served with salad and potatoes or rice.

  3. Asian Style Roast Lamb
    It’s Asian twist on a traditional Roast Lamb dish, which your family will crave. The Asian flavours compliment the lamb giving a beautiful delicate flavour. Allow time to bring the lamb to room temperature out of the fridge before roasting and time to rest after taking it out of the oven when fully cooked. Adding water to the base of the tray keeps the lamb moist.

  4. Lamb Satay Skewers
    I love Try Lamb’s satay recipe. It’s bursting with flavour and works well on the BBQ or in the oven. It’s sweet and savoury which is ideal for younger children trying new flavours.

  5. Turkish Lamb and Aubergine Pizza
    This is an absolute favourite of my children’s. It’s that mix of sweet and savoury that makes it feel like a treat, but it’s packed full of goodness so it’s a win for my family.

Fiona is an EU Try Lamb ambassador and has a series of cookbooks and a range of Asian inspired cooking sauces. She lives in Co. Kildare with her two children and husband.

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