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5 Best Sauces for your Lamb Dishes 5 Best Sauces for your Lamb Dishes

5 Best Sauces for your Lamb Dishes

Harissa and Pecorino Sauce

Add a fiery North African chilli kick to your weekly menu. Lamb and harissa are the perfect combination, why not try your own combination or our delicious Lamb Meatballs with Harissa and Pecorino which can be made in less than 45 minutes. Go on, treat yourself. [Click here for recipe]

Lamb with Two Mustard Sauce

A rich creamy double mustard sauce is the perfect complement to succulent lamb steaks or a Sunday lamb roast. Get mouths watering and loved ones round the table with our recipe for lamb with two mustard sauce here [Click here for recipe]

Yoghurt / Tzatziki

Traditionally Middle Eastern or South East European, this fresh and zingy sauce is the perfect dip for sharing platters or bread dishes such as our Lamb Pides with Tomatoes and Yogurt sauce recipe. [Click here for recipe

A sure-fire way to please any household is a traditional Italian tomato sauce recipe. Keep adults and kids alike happy with our delicious Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Sauce recipe. [Click here for recipe]

Rogan Josh Sauce

Who doesn’t like Rogan Josh? It’s a Fantastic way to use leftover lamb from the weekend or to add a little lift to the week day menu. [Try our recipe here]

Curry Sauce

A good old lamb curry is a favourite in any household.  Perfect for bulk cooking, it’s ideal for putting in the freezer and enjoying on those nights you have nothing planned. Why not spice up your day with our delicious lamb curry recipe? [Click here for recipe]

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