4 Comfort Food Favourites Using Lamb 4 Comfort Food Favourites Using Lamb

4 Comfort Food Favourites Using Lamb

Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the abundance of seasonal flavours and produce available locally. From colourful vegetables such as butternut squash and carrots to our favourite, European lamb. Here is a selection of lamb recipes that are wholesome, comforting and heart-warming, which will make you glad that you’re indoors to enjoy them.  

Dingle Pies - This recipe is the Gastro Gays’ version of the traditional dish from the West Kerry town where it originates. Dingle pies are very adaptable because you can use leftover lamb from a slow-roasted joint for the filling. Allow the filling to cool completely before attempting to assemble the pies. Dingle pies can be used with mutton or hogget, which is an older sheep however lamb shoulder is ideal too.  Check out their recipe here.

Lamb Korma – Adrian Martin’s lamb korma is a hearty one-pot-wonder. Its mild and creamy, so can work for younger families or if you like Asian cuisine on the sweet and savoury side. This recipe comes with a flatbread method too which is a welcome alternative to shop bought breads. Click here to find the recipe

Lamb Butternut Squash - This is a favourite of Try Lamb’s fanbase because of its colourful presentation and clever use of butternut squash. The flavours used in the mince are of a Moroccan origin using Ras el hanout, which can be found in the spice aisle of large supermarkets. Or you can make it yourself by mixing together, cumin seeds, coriander seed, cinnamon, ground ginger, black peppercorns, turmeric, cardamom pods and saffron. Check out the video of this recipe here

Lamb Ragu with Pasta Shells - Ragu is an Italian meat sauce and a champion comfort food because of its meaty flavour and rich sauce. Ragu is ideal in pasta shells such as conchiglioni or cannelloni.  This recipe has been created by Sarah Woods from I Love Cooking Ireland, she recommends that the secret to this recipe is time. Use a slow cooker or pot on a low heat, to ensure the lamb is incredibly tender. You can find the recipe here.

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